Fresh Arts is a Houston-based 501(c)3 organization that champions local artists and creative entreprenuers to succeed in the business of art.

Fresh Arts is seeking submissions of original artwork, unique crafts, and handmade goods for its 13th Annual Winter Holiday Art Market (WHAM), November 16-18, 2018. In its mission to provide artists access to economic development and networking opportunities and to celebrate Houston’s diverse arts scene, Fresh Arts hosts WHAM, an 3-day juried art festival each fall at Winter Street Studios in the Washington Avenue Arts District.


Since its launch, WHAM has generated over ONE MILLION DOLLARS for hundreds of local artists and creative entreprenuers.


  • Deadline for WHAM submissions:  Sunday, August 26, 2018 by 11:59PM (FIRM)
  • Selected participants notified on:  Monday, September 10 by 5pm ( do not call for results)
  • Registration form and participation fees due:  Monday, September 17, 2018 
  • Marketing fliers available for pick up at Fresh Arts by Early-October 2018
  • WHAM Set-up and Preparation:  Thu. Nov 15 (2pm to 8pm) and Fri. Nov 16 (8am to 4pm) 
  • WHAM Load-out/cleanup:  Sun. Nov 18 (4pm to 8pm) 


  • Friday, November 17, 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.  (Ticketed Preview Party for patrons)
  • Saturday, November 18, 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.  (FREE entry and TAX FREE shopping!)
  • Sunday, November 19, 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  (FREE entry and TAX FREE shopping!)
  • Artists or other representatives are expected to be at their tables during all WHAM hours.

PLEASE CAREFULLY REVIEW WHAM'S TERMS & CONDITIONS- then scroll to the bottom to complete the application form


  • WHAM is open to ALL artists or artisans living within 60 (-ish) miles of Houston.
  • Applicable art mediums include all forms of FINE ART and ARTIST-MADE CRAFTS, including, but not limited to: paintings, sculpture, jewelry, stationery, soaps, handbags, clothing, furniture, ornaments, and other handcrafted, original goods.
  • You do not have to have a business or tax permit.
  • Artists will be selected on the basis of quality, type, and range of price points of merchandise and take into consideration those that best serve the interests of the local community, the market and our customers.


  • Each application is subject to a $5 fee (this helps us pay our jury panelists).
  • If you are accepted, this amount will be credited towards your participation fee  (see PARTICIPATION FEES).



  • There is an artist fee of $95 for registration which includes event management, marketing, and rentals/supplies (see ARTIST AMENITIES and SPACE & MATERIALS).
    Fees are due by September 17, 2018. Do not send in registration fees until acceptance into WHAM has been confirmed.
  • All sales are subject to a 75/25 split. Artists receive 75% of selling price, while 25% goes to Fresh Arts to cover remaining event costs. (NOTE: WHAM is powered by Fresh Arts, a non-profit. We are only looking to cover our costs and help you sell as much local art as possible.) 


Each artist booth receives:

  • booth space (min. dimensions approx. 10'w x6’d)
  • 80 sq. feet (min.) of hang-able wall space
  • one 8 ft x30" table and padded chair
  • black table linens
  • complimentary Square reader
  • sales receipt books (upon request)
  • free access to Wi-Fi (upon request)
  • access to electrical outlets (upon request)
  • complimentary beverages and lite snacks*
  • Two complimentary guest tickets to the Friday Night Preview Party

*discounted onsite food and coffee will also be available for purchase

Additionally, Fresh Arts provides all participants:

  • WHAM event management, rental coordination, and extensive online and print marketing & PR.
  • Marketing fliers and promotional assistance through email templates, logos, and graphics, etc.
  • Artist "spotlights" via Fresh Arts social media channels.
  • Sales tax exemptions through Fresh Arts' state sales permit (therefore, artists who might not already have a sales permit need not obtain their own).
  • Fresh Arts is responsible for collecting and paying state sales tax on all WHAM transactions; however, artists are responsible for claiming sales on their yearly income tax reports.
  • Fresh Arts hosts a FREE tax workshop each February. All partciiapting artists will receive an event notifcation.


  • For consistency and aesthetic purposes, artists must use the black linens provided by Fresh Arts; however, artists are encouraged to decorate & embellish their table/wall spaces freely and creatively.
  •  Freestanding racks and shelves are allowed for display purposes but must conform to the allotted space and are the responsibility of the artist.
  • Artists may use wall space behind their table(s) to hang artwork, banners, and light weight shelves. (Nails and hooks into the sheetrock are fine. Wall anchors and heavy duty nails and screws are NOT permitted.)
  •  All display, hanging hardware, and packing materials are the artists’ responsibility. Artists must patch any holes or visible wall damage (wall spackling will be provided). 
  • Depending on availability, WHAM artists may purchase an additional table and space for $50. Availability is not guaranteed and will be determined 2-3 weeks prior to WHAM.
  • Fresh Arts will determine booth placement. Artists may not switch assigned tables. This is non-negotiable.
  • Artists will have the opportunity to request special space needs (location preference, direct access to an electrical outlet, additional wall or floor space, etc.) via a Pre-WHAM Artist Survey. The Program Manager will do its best to accommodate such requests, but due to a large number of participants, we are not able to accommodate everyone's requests for placement.



  • LOAD IN + SETUP is scheduled for THURSDAY, NOV. 15 from 2PM to 8PM and FRIDAY, NOV. 16 from 8AM to 4PM.
    You must be completely finished setting up by Friday at 4PM and ready to take sales by 5:45PM No exceptions.
  • Merchandise may be left overnight between setup and market days; however, the Artist does so at their own discretion. (Note: the building has interior and exterior security cameras. An off-duty police officer will patrol the building before securing and locking exterior doors at the end of each evening.)
  • BREAKDOWN + LOAD OUT must be completed and the building vacated no later than 8PM the last day of the market. 



  • All sales (and credit card fees) are subject to a 75/25 split. Transactions will be processed and tracked via Square. Accepted forms of payment: cash, check, American Express, MC and Visa.
  • Artists will be responsible for processing customer’s credit/debit card sales via Fresh Arts’ Square account (Square sales training will be provided). Dedicated volunteers will be on hand to assist Artists.
  • Each artist vendor must provide his or her own sales staff and Square compatible device.
  • Cash and Check sales will be made at the Fresh Arts' managed central check-out area. No exceptions.
  • Credit/debit card transactions are subject to a 3% credit card fee. This credit card fee is subject to the same 75/25% split between the selling artist and Fresh Arts.
  • Artists will receive detailed sales transaction reports within 3 days of event end and check payment within 10 business days of WHAM.


In 2015, (our highest sales year ever) the average artist gross was $2,388; the highest was $4,870. 

  • 36 out of 63 artists sold more than $2,000
  • 26 artists sold more than $3,000
  • 9 artists sold more than $4,000
  • the highest single transaction amount: $1,600

In 2017 (post-Harvey) the average artist gross was $1,775; the highest was $4,830. 

  • 22 out of 54 artists sold more than $2,000
  • 5 artists sold more than $3,000
  • 1 artist sold more than $4,000
  • the highest single transaction amount: $700


  • Fresh Arts has a Texas sales tax permit and will collect sales tax on sales and remit to the state. Artists are responsible for claiming their net sales on income tax statements.
  • The 25% commission from sales underwrites the cost of administering WHAM and is NOT a tax-deductible donation to Fresh Arts.  
  • HOWEVER, participating artists and businesses may deduct the WHAM fees and commission as a business expense IF and only if the gross (full 100%) sales price is claimed in income tax reporting.  Please consult with your accountant for clarification. 
  • Note: Fresh Arts hosts a FREE Artist Taxes workshop each February. All WHAM artists will receive a workshop invitation.

It is most important to use this form for physical checks received by donors. (All checks must be made out to "Fresh Arts"-- not the project title. Please ask donors to include your project title in the check memo line.)

Checks may be mailed or delivered to the Fresh Arts offices:
1502 Sawyer St. #103
Houston, TX 77007

Regular office hours are M-F (10am-6pm). Please call before dropping by: 713.868.1839

Credit card donations may be made online via your project's profile page on the Fresh Arts' website.

You should only submit this form if any of the below apply:

1) You are starting a new project that was not listed in your original application for sponsorship

2) You plan to implement significant changes in programming

3) There have been changes or update to the purposes for which grant funds are spent 

Only projects that are currently approved as fiscally sponsored by Fresh Arts should submit this form

This form must be filled out upon requesting a disbursement of funds from Fresh Arts for fiscally sponsored projects. All disbursements must be released to the project manager or the legal entity whose tax ID we have on file. (We will not be paying third-party vendors or contractors.)

In order for Fresh Arts to process this request, all fields in this form must be completed and supporting documents (invoices or receipts) for the disbursement must be attached.

EXAMPLE: You need to pay 2 vendors for expenses related to your project. When filling out this form, please list the invoice amounts from both vendors below and then, attach the corresponding invoices to your request. Fresh Arts will cut ONE check to YOU (project manager/legal entity) for the combined amount.

Project managers may only request disbursements up to the amount of the project's account balance.

Before you apply, please read the Fiscal Sponsorship FAQs, as well as check your eligibility via the questions below. Also, please note that you must be a current member of Fresh Arts to apply for fiscal sponsorship. (You may read more about membership and join here.)

Currently, fiscal sponsorship applications are reviewed once every month by a special committee, whose recommendations are subject to approval by the Fresh Arts board of directors. Please allow adequate time for the approval process before beginning to raise funds for your project.

(If you already have a budget, mission statement, and project description prepared, the application should take roughly 30-45 minutes.) 

Click here to download a budget template for your application

Fresh Arts