Fresh Arts is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to strengthening the sustainability and vibrancy of Houston's arts sector by bolstering the capacity and professional practice of artists and arts organizations and enhancing the public's engagement with the arts.

Fresh Arts is committed to providing the resources, information, and a platform for artists and arts enthusiasts to engage in an environment that promotes community driven artistic expression. Whether facilitating dialogue between novice artists and experienced arts professionals to promote growth, holding annual events to benefit the local arts economy, or exhibiting some of the most talented up-and- coming artists, Fresh Arts is devoted to keeping the arts in Houston alive.

Ends on March 10, 2017$20.00
General Information

Contact: Elia Quiles, UP Art Studio
Phone: 713-614-1605
Show Dates: 4/22/17 - 4/23/17
Application Deadline: 03/10/2017 


Images: 5 (one booth shot is recommended) 
Application Fee (Non-Refundable): $20.00

Event Summary

Now in its fifth edition, the Willow Waterhole 2017 MusicFest is a two-day event featuring 20 hours of FREE diverse music, provided by 16 Pro Bands and 11 Student-School Bands. New this year is a dynamic Art Fair, and with the return of the popular food truck service, it's all happening at the spectacular and relaxing 290-acre Willow Waterhole Greenway.

The MusicFest is expected to host 5,000+ visitors in a beautiful, scenic location, with transport from parking areas. This event is coordinated and underwritten by the Willow Waterhole Conservancy and Brays Oaks Management District.

This is a 2-day event – please do not apply if you are not available both days. 

General Information

  • This is a fine art festival – NO machine made, mass produced items will be accepted.
  • NO distributors allowed.
  • We DO NOT accept mass produced wearable items of any kind. Original works of clothing are acceptable.
  • There is a $20 non-refundable fee per artist for each application
  • We DO NOT collect a commission or percentage of artist sales
  • It is the artist's responsibility to identify the categories (mediums) for which they would like to participate. Please choose the categories that are representative of the work you will be showing. Artwork should not incorporate use of sports team or national logos.
  • IMPORTANT! Send high-resolution images that best capture your work. We REQUEST a BOOTH SHOT so that the jury can see a compilation of your work.
  • We will provide for your comfort: Water - Port a Potties - Hand Washing Stations - Pull up and Set up - Security Parking.
  • If accepted, booth fees for the 2-day event are as follows: Single booth 10x10 space for $75. Double booth 10x20 space, with the 20 foot side facing the walking path for $125.
  • It is the artist’s responsibility to provide all items needed to create a pleasing display. MusicFest does not provide tents. Your tent MUST BE WHITE.
Medium Categories 
  • 2D Mixed Media: Two-dimensional work which combines materials from two or more mediums in one piece.
  • 3D Mixed Media: Three-dimensional work which combines materials from two or more mediums in one piece.
  • Ceramics:  Original clay and porcelain work, functional or sculptural.
  • Digital Art: Includes any original work in which the original image, or the manipulation of other source material, was executed by the artist using the computer. (Digital photo editing within the confines of what could be done in the darkroom is allowed in the photography category.) Work must be in editions, signed and numbered, using archival papers, inks, and emulsions.   
  • Drawing: Work created using dry media including chalk, charcoal, pastels, pencil, wax, crayons, etc. or from a fluid medium of ink.  
  • Fiber: Includes leather, baskets, dolls, paper, wearable and non-wearable. Machine-tooled or machine-screen printing are accepted. Factory-produced wearable items, regardless of additional modification or enhancement by the artists, are not accepted.
  • Furniture: Original, handmade furniture designed and fabricated using raw/unfinished material. Factory-produced items, regardless of additional modification or enhancement by the artists, are not accepted.
  • Glass: Functional and sculptural work is accepted. Kiln forming, blowing, molding or casting, as well as all cold working processes are permitted. 
  • Jewelry: Body ornaments, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings or rings, made of precious metals or other materials that can be set with gems, semi-precious gems or other materials. All jewelry, whether produced from metal, glass, clay, fiber, or other materials must apply in this category.
  • Metalwork: Decorative and functional objects created through the forging, twisting and fabricating of various metals.
  • Painting: Original art using paint to yield a two-dimensional image. Acrylic, oil,  spray paint, chalk, gouache, and watercolor paintings are accepted in this medium.  
  • Photography: Includes traditional film photography, hand colored images, emulsion transfers, and digital photography that has not been manipulated to achieve results beyond what could be done in a traditional darkroom. Only artist’s original source material is acceptable. Work must be in editions, signed and numbered on archival material and all work displayed in the booth must be for sale. Signage of an overtly commercial nature listing the availability of numerous sizes, print surfaces, and/or framing options is prohibited.
  • Printmaking: Only hand pulled original prints are allowed. Prints must be in limited editions, signed and numbered.
  • Sculpture:  Three-dimensional work using additive or subtractive processes in a single medium. Any combination of materials to form an original work of art that is generally visible from 360 degrees.
  • Wood: Original works that are hand tooled, machine-worked, turned or carved.
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